Monday, November 10, 2008

At this moment..2 down, 2 more final papers 2 go. arghhhh..Feel so tired n lazy 2 studi…why???why???why???
I need some1 2 give me strength n say go, syadi go!!! U can’t do it..
this left 2 paper, I can’t even remembered what my lec teach me. Maybe my lec not attract me enough 2 hear his lecture.hik3!!! hurmmm..
For subject electrical tech. I can’t struggle anymore..bcoz so many formula need 2 remembered.(I’m taking’ gas engineering maa, why they take this subject in our course.)
hurm..Last nite, i studi electric, i ask my housemate 2 teach me electric. tq 2 him.. But when I shown him the past year question.
He tells me the question is wrong. Haiyaaa…how can past year question get wrong.
After my housemate say that, so I think time 2 bye2 this subject…hik3!!For today 4getting about the electric subject b4 I get shock wif the current..hehehehe..
i wake up at the morning, as usually waiting 4 my fren, ck. Bcoz he promised 2 eat roti canai 2gether..n as usually he not coming..feel like want 2 kick his ****.
* (lembu dipegang pada tali, manusia di pegang pada janji..ingat ye..huhuhu)

Without ck n the geng, im going 2 eat roti canai wif wan, din n izzul.
i eat roti kosong n planta wif nescafe tarik gelas besar..masyuk di pagi hari..hehehe

Now, time 2 studies the chemical reaction lecturer telling that the question quite challenges. Then at this time, I still confuse with the formula in the text book. Arghhh..i feel like give up..sob3!!!

i cant be like this...

"Allah swt would't help people that not help theirself"

go syadi go....

aja2 fighting...

when i feel give up, i always remember my mom's magic word.
"dont waste ur tears 2morrow,bcoz u still have time 2day"
i miss u, mom..



u already have someone to cheer up u,right??

gud lak for cre n electric tcinta..

sy@die said...

yup...of course i beloved supporter..4ever n mOm..hehhehe

Ray Jr said...

ee..gelinye aku mamat bjiwang2 nie..hahaha..owh,perli sajak aku ek??t aku bsajak atas motor ko tiap pgi ek..haha..
tue r,mkn rti cnai xnk ajak aku..aku tgu ko dtg tiap pg ko xdtg..camni r..mkn sorg2...mkn ar kdai tue skali..haha

Redzu said...

word vertification kali ini ialah tatat

ala ray
geli2 lak..
mcm x biasa..